Meet Clair. This smart air monitor tells you what's in the air, identifies the source of any impurities, and provides recommendations that help you and your family breathe easy.

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Easy as one, two three!

Step 1: Know

Clair measures the air around you

Step 2: Diagnose

Clair identifies the source of impurities in your air

Step 3: Solve

Clair recommends simple solutions (or talks with your smart home to do it for you)

Identify and eliminate impurities   

Reduce risks

Fine particulates (PM2.5) come from cooking or traffic and can enter your bloodstream

Lower lung irritation

Volatile chemicals (VOCs) produced by new furniture or cleaning products can irritate your lungs

Find what feels good

Temperature can vary indoors and reduce your comfort

Prevent breathing problems

Larger particulates (PM10) from smoke, pollen, and mold spores can make breathing difficult

Decrease mold risks

High humidity can lead to breathing problems and mold growth

Breathe easy,

every day, everywhere.

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for $124.99

For $124.99 you get:

Clair, our wifi-enabled home device that measures the air quality and changes color to alert you when levels change

Clair's companion premium app for 6 months, which monitors for impurities, identifies their source, and provides recommendations to help you clear the air

Questions? See Frequently Asked Questions or check out more Clair videos.

About us

We are a team of scientists and engineers making it possible for everyone, everywhere to breathe easy.

Dr. Yan Azdoud

Mechanical Engineer

COO of Troposphere

 Dr. Anna A. Scott

Climate  Scientist

CEO of Troposphere


Dr. Chris Kelley

Environmental Engineer

CTO of Troposphere

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Get the latest deals, air quality news, and keep up with Clair!

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 Black Mold by Parallel Digital Studio; dust by Andres Meneses,

Thermometer by Orin zuu; humidity by SBTS 

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